Sowden Wallis is named Stamford’s latest Plastic Free champion

Local estate agent, Sowden Wallis has become Stamford’s latest Plastic Free champion, thanks to its commitment to reduce single use plastic in the office. It is the first out of the five plastic free businesses not in the hospitality and catering sector.

The team at Sowden Wallis were given the status for their imaginative approach to reducing plastic. They have given reusable coffee cups and lunch boxes to each member of staff, they switched to a toilet paper supplier which uses no plastic packaging and they use the cleaning refill service at Silver Lane Health Food shop.

The plastic free movement fits well with the company’s ethos. Emma Sowden, director at Sowden Wallis, said “I have, over the last couple of years, been quite concerned with waste so have been quite keen about recycling. It just started to really annoy me how much wast was being thrown away.”

Aled Pattinson, co-ordinator for Plastic Free Stamford, commented that “It’s fantastic to have Sowden Wallis as a Plastic Free Champion. A business you wouldn’t normally associate with single-use plastics, it goes to show any and every business can make a difference. Emma and her team have been really creative on ways they can make their business more sustainable and cut avoidable single-use plastics and paper. They also have a collection for crisp packets to be recycled.”

Stamford needs a total of 12 businesses to commit to cutting down their plastic use so that it can meet part of the criteria to become a plastic free community. We’re almost halfway there.

If you’re interested in getting involved, please email us at

Plastic Free Stamford calls for proper disposal of face masks

Co-ordinator of Plastic Free Stamford, Aled Pattinson, is urging people to dispose of their face masks correctly while out and about.

In an interview with the Stamford Mercury, Aled highlights the growing number of used masks and gloves littering the street. With many people not wanting to leave the house without these item to hand, he asks people using single use face masks and gloves, which cannot currently be recycled, to put them in the bin when they’re finished with them. You can read the full article here:

Cakes + Co joins plastic free movement

Cakes + Co joins the growing number of Stamford businesses making a commitment to reduce single use plastic. The Stamford Walk cafe and cake shop has just been named as the town’s latest Plastic Free champion.

Jade Gomila, co-owner of Cakes and Co, told the Stamford Mercury: “It’s fantastic; it’s obviously a big ethos of ours. Since getting the business last year we’ve been as sustainable as possible.”