St George’s school gets behind plastic free campaign

St George’s Church of England school on Kesteven Road is leading the way amongst local schools and become the first school to sign up to our plastic free campaign.

The school now have an action group to made up of Year 6 pupils who are planning ways to make a difference in the school, including setting up a ‘Trash Mob’ to collect plastic waste. They will also write to their MP after the General Election.

Pub becomes Stamford’s first plastic free champion

The Lord Burghley has become the first business to be named a Plastic Free Champion after removing at least three single use items from the pub. This is the first major step in the town’s bid to become a plastic free community.

In the Stamford Mercury, barmaid Amber Shepherd, who is from Stamford, said:

“It’s good to be named as Stamford’s first plastic free champion and quite an accomplishment. We just wanted to do it and hope others will follow and take notice and start taking more action towards reducing plastic waste.”


Welcome to Plastic Free Stamford. We’re on a mission to reduce plastic waste in our town.

If you’re a local business, school or organisation, why not get involved? There are lots of really simple things you can do to become a plastic free champion and help Stamford achieve our Plastic Free Community status.

Just drop us a line and we can share lots of ideas with you!