Cafe Black is first cafe to be named a plastic free champion

Cafe Black on the High Street has become Stamford’s latest plastic free champion and is the first local cafe to get behind our plastic free campaign.

The cafe has replaced plastic stirrers with sustainable wooden alternatives, swapped plastic straws for paper straws and moved to cardboard takeaway boxes and paper bags, amongst other things.

Melody Ismail, who owns the cafe with her husband Izzy, told the Stamford Mercury:

“I think it’s really important we try and cut down the amount we throw away and recycle as much as possible. It’s quite costly for us be we took the decision to recycle more and to move to plastic alternatives because we feel it’s worth it.”

“Sometimes it’s difficult to avoid using single-use plastic, like items that come from the supermarket for example, but if everyone can do their bit it will make a difference. I just think it would be great if Stamford can get behind the plastic free campaign.”